New configuration of SOLO Sales Section

New configuration of SOLO Sales Section

New configuration of SOLO Sales Section  

During the course of the fourth quarter of 2016 we have completely re-structured and added staff to our sales department. The world-wide business has now been separated into five sections. Each section is managed by a dedicated member of the Sales Team (field support) and a member of the Support Team (in-house support). With this arrangement, we can provide our customers with more concentrated and efficient customer service. It also allows us to be more active in the development of the business.  

They are Oktay Ates, Ansgar Brieden and Sergej Ivaschuk. All of them have well-founded experience over many years in Sales as well as Key Account Management.  Rüdiger Zoltner will leave Sindelfingen for South America to manage the newly established subsidiary SOLO Chile as of the 1st of January 2017.  A logic step is that Mr. Zoltner will also attend to all Latin American and Caribean markets. 

Following is an outline of the individual SOLO staff with their areas responsibilities:

David Ringeisen

+33 (0)6 29 10 45 73

• France
• Spain
• Portugal
• Italy
• Benelux countries
• UK
• West Africa
• North Africa
• DOM-TOM territories

Rüdiger Zoltner 

+56 (0)22 556 9665

• Latin America
• Caribean countries

Sergej Ivaschuk


• Russia/CIS
• Poland
• Ukraine
• Czech Republic
• Bulgaria
• Greece
• China / HK
• Vietnam
• Thailand
• Taiwan
• Hong Kong
• Korea
• Philippines

Oktay Ates


• Slovenia
• Croatia
• Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Serbia
• Hungary
• Romania
• Turkey
• Iran
• Iraq
• Saudi Arabia
• Egypt
• Israel
• Ethiopia
• Kenya
• Uganda
• Tanzania
• Angola
• Namibia
• South Africa
• Pakistan
• India
• Malaysia
• Indonesia

Ansgar Brieden


• Germany
• Austria
• Switzerland
• Norway
• Sweden
• Denmark
• Finland
• Iceland
• Estonia
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Ireland
• Canada

Ansgar Brieden also received total responsibility for our new product group CLEANLine – in co-operation with the regional sales colleagues, of course.  

Together with the re-structure of the Field Support Team, the In-house Support Team has been re-organised as well. 

Wolfgang Hein, previously responsible for Eastern European countries, will now receive new tasks in the In-House Support Team. This includes key account management for cut-off machine customers, planning tasks for outgoing goods as well as price calculations. 

Next to Miriam Jerrari and Jasmin Rieder, the Support Team will be completed with Roland Wagner for the areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as direct sales. 

Sigbert Schneider and Philipp Ferreira specialize in shipping and logistics.  

Following is an outline of the SOLO staff and their tasks for the In-House Support Team:

Wolfgang Hein


• East and Southern Europe
• East Asia
• China
• Key Accounts
• Cut-off Machines
• Prices, Prices lists, Terms and Conditions
• Outgoing goods planning 
• Payment control 

Miriam Jerrari


• South-East Asia
• Arabia
• Middle East
• Africa
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Oceania
• UK / Ireland
• Scandinavia

Jasmin Rieder


• Canada
• Latin America and Caribean countries
• France
• Benelux countries
• Spain
• Portugal
• Italy

Roland Wagner


• Germany, Austria, Switzerland
• Direct sales / New distribution channels  (Amazon etc.)
• Freight documentation

Sigbert Schneider


und Philipp Ferreira


• Shipping, Logistics
• Dispatch 

The responsibility for Sales Management is with MD Andreas Emmerich. 

f.l.t.r.: Ansgar Brieden, Oktay Ates, Rüdiger Zoltner, Sergej Ivaschuk, David Ringeisen and Managing Director Andreas Emmerich.

The strict re-arrangement of our sales organisation in Sindelfingen was made to contribute to and enhance our focus for export business, to assist with unlocking new markets and to expand our CLEANLine product range. 

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